Electronic Cigarette ASIC Example

Electronic Cigarette ASIC

A series of ASIC is designed for electronic cigarette application. The chip integrates both electronic cigarette function as well as the battery charger function into one single chip solution. Both traditional 5V adaptor and USB port can be channel selected for battery charging.

An Example Chip :

Portable USB Charger IC image

Invention : Puff Sensor

Electronic Cigarette before 2009 used mechanical switch or microphone to detect the inhale action of smoker. However, this approach has the problem of inadvertent triggering due to environmental vibration, noise or by blowing into the electronic cigarette.

We have invented a puff sensor with our ASIC installed. This ASIC can determine the air-flow rate and direction for the air flow through the puff sensor. And this feature has eliminated the inadvertent triggering of electronic cigarette.

Puff Sensor :

Portable USB Charger image