LED Lighting ASIC Example

Linear LED Driver

The low cost 700V linear LED driver (220VAC powered) is a cap-less design, simple and with minimum count of external components.

An Example Chip :

Portable USB Charger IC image

Invention : New Power Regulation Scheme

Existing Linear LED Driver Lighting Solution has a problem of changing lighting power with changing AC Line Voltage. This problem makes Linear LED Driver Lighting Solution to be a very unpopular topology even though the overall BOM cost is attractively low.

  Existing Linear LED Driver Solution Our Linear LED Driver Solution
AC Line
Power LED Temperature Power LED Temperature
210V 3.4W 84°C 3.8W 90°C
220V 4.0W 93°C 3.9W 90°C
230V 4.5W 102°C 3.8W 89°C
240V 5.0W 108°C 3.7W 90°C
250V   Temperature too high 3.8W 90°C
260V   Temperature too high 4.0W 93°C
270V   Temperature too high 4.2W 98°C