ASIC Services

Minlogic offers full turn-key ASIC Service to customers. ASIC service includes ASIC specification definition, analog and digital circuit design, physical layout, IC characterization, field application support, ASIC production management and supply, etc.

Minilogic will keep confidentiality for every ASIC Project and will be responsible for the quality of ASIC shipped to customers.

ASIC has many advantages:

  • Better IP Protection
  • Bring Innovative Idea to your product
  • Improve the performance and reliability
  • Lower the power consumption
  • Reduce the bill-of-material costs of your product
  • Reduce the test and assembly costs
  • Reduce the size and weight of your product

A complete ASIC Development Flow includes the following phases.

  1. ASIC Specification Drafting : Minilogic will work with Customer to investigate the feasibility of developing a new ASIC and will draft the ASIC specification together.
  2. IC Design : Minilogic will design and layout the ASIC according to the ASIC specification.
  3. Prototype Production : Minilogic will work with vendors to manufacture the engineering prototype for customer’s evaluation.
  4. Pilot Production : Minilogic will supply few hundreds ASIC for customer’s pilot production.

It takes around 4 to 6 months to complete the ASIC Development Flow.

ASIC Development Flow

Development Flow

After the ASIC Development Flow is completed, Minilogic will supply the ASIC to customers upon receiving the customer’s order.

Minilogic will produce customer’s ASIC in following ASIC Production Flow.

  1. Wafer Fabrication : MiniLogic place wafer order to wafer foundry for wafer production.
  2. Wafer Testing : Each IC on wafer will be probed and tested to ensure the ASIC is produced according to the ASIC Specification.
  3. IC Packaging : Each IC will be packaged and tested again in IC packaging plant before shipping to customer.

The complete ASIC Production Flow takes around 3 months.

ASIC Product Flow

Product Flow Image

Product Flow